Many people don’t believe in destiny. They believe in following the goals they want to achieve. But do you think you can achieve any goal before a particular time? You have decided to achieve something in a particular time period but you didn’t get it till it’s meant to be for you. This didn’t happen […]

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Love, friendship and spoilers

Sometimes love is not enough to complete a love story. Even when two people know each other well and love each other still they can’t find happiness at the end. People love each other for years and still don’t find each other compatible and didn’t marry. It happens because one can’t express its love openly […]

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People look forward to celebrating at occasions but what they just simply do is talk about the last celebration because the previous celebration had become a memory for every individual to discuss and the time they have spent together is memorable. In today’s world everyone wants their privacy but in this private time when they […]

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Love a dream…..

Does anyone of us know the true meaning of love in today’s world or we all are trying to fake it… If someone leaves anyone they say they cannot live without that individual but if the person who left is happy, they still say they can’t live without that person. Is that love? If you […]

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